Start the vehicle with an optional configuration setting. For EVs, this only starts with air conditioning.

start(startConfig: VehicleStartOptions): Promise<string>


NameTypeVehicle TypeComment
airCtrlstringICE / EVTurn on the HVAC
igniOnDurationstringICEHow long to run (max 10)
airTempvalueintegerICE / EVTemp in Fahrenheit
defrostbooleanICE / EVTurn on defrosters, side mirrors, etc
heating1booleanICE / EVNot sure?

VehicleStartOptions 8.x
A rework of the inputs to start a vehicle as planned for version 8.x, will better help standardize across regions.


Not implemented as of yet

Version 8.x is still in development and you must continue to use the parameters above

hvacstringTurn on the HVAC
durationstringHow long to run the vehicle's engine (max 10)
temperatureintegerTemp in Fahrenheit for the HVAC
defrostbooleanTurn on defrosters and side mirrors
heatedFeaturesbooleanHeated features like the steering wheel and rear window
unitstringUse celcius or farenhight for HVAC temp

Code Examples

How to start an ICE vehicle with the HVAC set to 70F for 10 minutes.

const BlueLinky = require("bluelinky");

const client = new BlueLinky({
  username: '[email protected]',
  password: 'hunter1',
  brand: 'hyundai',
  region: 'US',
  pin: '1234'

client.on("ready", async () => {
  const vehicle = client.getVehicle("5NMS55555555555555");
  const response = await vehicle.start({
    airCtrl: false,
    igniOnDuration: 10,
    airTempvalue: 70,
    defrost: false,
    heating1: false,